Bridget Riley

As we flow through the rhythm of life we must turn inward and connect to our body, mind, and spirit. Yoga allows us to create space from within so we can reach our fullest potential in life. I am honored to bring OMNI STUDIO to the community of Morro Bay. I truly believe that yoga and dance can transform the way we live and see ourselves in the world. It’s a blessing to share my knowledge of yoga and dance with each and every one of you and to be able to create a space where we can all grow into our own practice together yet individually. In my youth I studied Ballet and learned a deep awareness of physical movement and kinetic mobility. I began my yoga practice as a teenager and it has not only taken me on a path to physical health but has shown me a new way of living everyday life to its full capacity. Studying both the mind and body has tremendously strengthened my awareness on how thought patterns affect the nature of our physical well-being. Bridget Riley is a certified yoga instructor from  San Luis Obispo, California and she graduated from Antioch University with a BA in Psychology.

Jackie Hunsaker

Jackie Hunsaker is a  Co-owner and Founder of ReVive Dance Co in Fresno Ca. Established in 2016 as well as the Co-director of the newly founded  branch ReVive Central Coast right here in Morro Bay, Ca! Jackie has been dancing ever since she can remember. As a little girl her mother took her to classes at the age of 3, and from then on, dance has always been her number one passion. She competed all through grade school with her home studio Clovis Stars, and then danced briefly for a  Central Valley Modern Contemporary company called Caris and Co.  After meeting her now partners Miz-unique Slater and William Davis back in 2014 ,they realized there are not a lot of options for dancers out of high school, and decided to then start a Performance based dance company aimed towards adults , which is now ReVive. ReVive teaches many styles including Heels, Hip-Hop, and Contemporary. They have danced behind Djs and local artists in the Central Valley as well as LA county. ReVive  has also performed  for charity events, universities, city colleges , you name it! After moving to the Central Coast for other business opportunities, Jackie was again in search for adult dance programs in the area and fell short. She then found Bridget and Omni Studio with her Co-Director Bry Fernandez ,and they decided to hold classes and really see what the Central Coast dance scene was all about, and the rest is history ! ReVive strives to create a safe and open space for adult dancers to stay students, while providing performance opportunities within the community.


Bryana Fernandez

Bryana D Fernandez dance career begun in 2009 in high school where she joined the Bullard High School Band and Color guard. There she learned performance and dance basics creating a passion for movement and entertainment. Once accomplishing all four years in the color guard, she returned to BHS teaching as an alumni for the Band and Color guard in 2012. She then began her professional dance training at Fresno City Colleges dance program and Willow International, majoring in Business Law and a minor in Performance Arts. Bryana was given a job for a Non profit Business as a dance instructor at Break the Barriers after debuting her first choreography piece in the Fresno City College Dance Concert. There she taught from 2012 to 2020, teaching all ages and abilities hip hop, creative movement, ballet and tap and co – directed theater and dance concerts and shows as well as joining/ leading their dance team, as well as joining their  international gymnastics team for a season, which also focused on outreach and volunteering for the community. Revive Dance Company reached out to Bryana in 2017 to take classes and soon after she joined as an official company member. She is now a co- director of Revive Central Coast in Morro Bay CA creating a new home for the second branch of RDC. 



Katey Fitzgerald 

Katey has been dancing since the age of 3. She has been trained in almost all styles of dance with a strong ballet and contemporary foundation. Throughout grade school, she participated in many dance competitions, workshops, summer intensives, and master classes. She took her dancing to the next level by perusing a dance minor at Cal Poly SLO and joining the Orchesis Dance Company. She has choreographed for multiple shows, events, and competitions, as well as instructing dance for various ages. This is her 4th year at Cal Poly and will graduate with a B.S. in Marine Sciences fall 2021. Katey intends on attending graduate school and staying involved with dance for the rest of her life.





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